SoAmpli is the social media megaphone you have been waiting for!

SoAmpli empowers your whole organisation to quickly and simply share approved social media content, building greater brand awareness and expanding social reach! Time to super charge your social media?

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What our clients are saying

"Thanks to the simplicity of the platform and the great support offered by the team, the take-up of SoAmpli among our sales teams has been just incredible. The SoAmpli team has been amazing at tackling the challenge of enterprise technology adoption from the start."

– Philip Clark, Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Rentokil Initial

"We chose SoAmpli as our social advocacy platform for one key reason, its simplicity. We were looking for an easy and effective tool to engage and inform our wide base of advocates across the country in areas as diverse as fundraising, retail and head office staff as well as mobilise them around our social campaigns. SoAmpli proved perfect for that. The SoAmpli team have been great at listening to our specific needs, really taking on board our suggestions and supporting us every step of the way. It's hard to find a SaaS company as involved in their clients' success as SoAmpli."

– Athar Abidi, Social Media Manager, British Heart Foundation

"Not only has Soampli really pushed our overall LinkedIn growth and engagement, it's also massively improved our company culture

SoAmpli has helped us become more aligned as an organisation. Our following also went from 0 to 32K in just 12 months."

– Aimee Caron, Marketing Executive, Coopman Search and Selection

SoAmpli for sales

Increase influence and sales

SoAmpli removes the mystery behind how social media helps increase sales. With SoAmpli, sales teams can access relevant content to share on social media, increasing their network and influence to convert cold leads into hot prospects.


Deliver timely, highly relevant content on social media, generating leads


Utilise powerful thought leadership content, automated for you, to grow your personal


Listen to your customers and expand your online professional network to build and nurture business relationships over time

SoAmpli for Marketing

Maximise and understand your content

SoAmpli's smart, automated delivery and customer listening tools make sourcing fresh and relevant content easy. Marketers get full control over content shared by colleagues, maximising the potential reach of each post while gaining valuable insights.

Save time on content discovery and distribution

Increase and showcase social content’s ROI

Educate your sales team on social media and social selling best practices

Boost brand awareness cost-effectively

Channels and Smart Discovery

Fully control multiple channels

With channels, organisations have a place to easily manage multiple teams, branches, clients or fans separately, while maintaining oversight from a central hub. Each channel combines with SoAmpli’s smart content discovery to ensure the best content is targeted and delivered to the right people.


Identify clients, teams, influencers or fans and encourage relevant content distribution by connecting them in one location


Use SoAmpli's smart automated content discovery system to distribute content to the right people in the right place, saving them time and allowing greater efficiency


Learn what content is working for individual channels and ensure that they get the content they need to achieve on-going success